UK Transportation

With our professional teams, we produce fast, safe and economical solutions for the transportation service offered by our company to our UK line, which is one of our expert lines, and the logistics operations in the delivery of goods or goods.

We continue to serve in the best way by doing your customs works, storage and internal transportation organizations during the transportation operation process. In our logistics service, we can reach us 24/7 for solutions related to transportation problems, and at the same time, we can exchange information with our customers within the tracking system by taking instant action on the problems.

As a result of the operation, we complete our logistics service with the delivery of your cargo to the planned delivery address.

What covers the logistics processes with the UK?

Our experienced staff in your export and import processes with the UK professionally manage all your processes, including consultancy, from complete and partial transportation to door-to-door minivan transportation.

We offer you the most suitable international shipping prices along with the most suitable cargo transportation plan for your cargo.

You can benefit from the services of experienced staff of our Mavilog company for trouble-free, cost-effective solutions that will save you both time and economy in your transportation processes to the UK.

Our Shipping Services for the UK:

Door to Door Transports
Complete and Regular Partial Loads
Fair and Project Uploads
UK Storage Services
UK Internal Freight Services
UK Customs Clearance Services
UK Trade Consulting
UK Shipping
Turkey UK Shipping
UK Turkey Shipping