We share our 20 years of experience with Mavilog International Transportation Inc., which we established in 2019. We transferred it to the company. With our wide and widespread agency networks in Turkey and Europe, we provide partial and complete transportation services mainly on highways in the international transportation sector.

With our experienced and expert staff, we provide our customers with an added value and reliable logistics process by reducing the workload in foreign trade transactions of the companies we work with in our Istanbul-based company serving all of Europe as of 2019.

In the logistics sector, which is indispensable for the development of Turkey, we complete the import and export transportation, which are both aspects of international trade, with a meticulous and trouble-free business process with our professional staff.

We act with the principle of offering the most ideal solution to our customers’ transportation demands by combining quality service with low cost and optimum service. We believe that better service can only be provided by analyzing customer needs in the best way.

Because we love our job!


  • To be customer-oriented, to catch the standards
  • Innovative and always keeping communication at the forefront
  • Considering providing a quality service as a reason for existence
  • Always be aware of your responsibility
  • To provide more than logistics service to its customers
  • Current Information: Information about the instant-current operational processes of your materials
  • Mail Notification: All loading details from the moment your materials are loaded into the vehicle
  • Vehicle Location Information: Instant vehicle locations if requested daily
  • Reporting: Special reports for your needs
  • We provide full security

For Our Exclusive and Special Services!